How to Engage with the Material

There’s no way around it: if you want to write a submission or otherwise oppose misguided mining development, you have to read the documents exhibited by the proponent (the mining company). This is difficult and time consuming. Still reading? Good. The proponent’s own publications are the single best source of ammunition for you to oppose them with. Read with a critical mind, the company’s own documents arm you with detailed knowledge of the project, and the pathology that drives it. Continue reading “How to Engage with the Material”

Business as Usual: Modification 3 Approved by Planning Assessment Commission

Modification 3 has just been approved by the NSW Planning Assessment Commission (PAC): This determination goes against almost unanimous objection from the 23 speakers at the meeting in Braidwood, as well as some 380 written objections (including the two exhibitions of the modification; with and without cyanide processing). As compared to 65 public submissions in support for the first exhibition, and zero in support for the second. 13 community (‘special interest’) groups and 2 shire councils (Palerang and Eurobodalla) also objected, versus 1 group in support. But the determination comes as no surprise. The PAC systematically ignores the public will and complies with recommendations from the Department of Planning, as revealed by David Shoebridge in this article. The original Dargues approval (September 2011), in which the PAC sat and ‘listened’ to seven hours of public objection before leaving town and signing their names to the mine, is another case in point.

What Now?


Dargues Gold Mine, Modification 3: Summary of PAC Meeting, Braidwood (26/7/2016)

The following is a summary of the New South Wales Planning Assessment Commission (PAC) meeting, held on July 26, 2016, at the Braidwood Serviceman’s Club. I have taken the liberty of elaborating on certain issues, while others are condensed by the limitations of memory. This is for the benefit of the wider public who were either not aware of the meeting or could not make it. The subject was the Dargues Gold Mine – to be or not to be. That is the question. Continue reading “Dargues Gold Mine, Modification 3: Summary of PAC Meeting, Braidwood (26/7/2016)”